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What is Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault is defined as unwanted physical contact or force towards spouses, domestic partners, girlfriends or boyfriends, and family members.  Domestic assault is one of many offences that falls under the category of Domestic Violence.  Other offences that can be categorized as Domestic Violence include verbal threats (Uttering Threats), sexual abuse (Sexual Assault), and aggressive behavior such as stalking (Criminal Harassment).  Toronto domestic assault lawyer Michael Juskey has successfully defended hundreds of domestic assault cases.  

Police officers and Crown Attorneys pursue domestic assault charges with a particular level of severity given the unique family issues that are usually at play in these situations.  These cases are usually heard in designated domestic assault courtrooms where you will find specialized Crown Attorneys with the dedicated resources to prosecute domestic crimes.

If you have been charged with domestic assault, you will face a fast-moving court system.  From the time of arrest and bail hearing to your first court appearance, the situation can be overwhelming and intimidating.  That’s why you need to call Michael Juskey immediately.

What if I face domestic assault charges?

Reaching out to Toronto domestic assault lawyer Michael Juskey needs to be the first thing you do.  Your first conversation with Michael with be a no charge strategy session.  You will learn how the legal system works, your responsibilities, and what options may be available to you.

Once you retain Michael as your lawyer, he will remain by your side throughout the entire legal process, being available to answer any questions, provide updates, or just to hear your concerns.  You will not have to answer any questions or participate in any legal proceedings without Michael’s guidance.

With extensive experience representing those charged with domestic assault in the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice, Michael understands how to navigate the legal system to give you the best outcome possible.

How can I beat a domestic assault charge?

Assault charges are usually laid by police, not the victim.  This means it is a criminal case rather than a civil case. Getting an assault dropped involves multiple approaches.  First is understanding the evidence against you then challenging the charge itself with the objective of avoiding jail and a criminal record.    

Even if you did commit assault, there may be a valid reason that would result in the withdrawal of the charge or a not guilty verdict, resulting in no jail time or criminal record.  This involves mounting a defence.  Some of the most common defences to domestic assault are:

Toronto domestic assault lawyer Michael Juskey will listen to your side of the story and determine if any defence(s) apply in your case.  

If you have been charged with domestic assault and released from custody you will likely have stringent conditions imposed upon you.  These conditions may have the effect of turning your life upside as you will not be allowed to contact your spouse.  You will also be forbidden from attending his/her address.  It is imperative that you obey these conditions as an allegation of failing to comply can result in a bail hearing and further charges against you.  Toronto domestic assault lawyer Michael Juskey can assist you in negotiating the relaxation of these strict bail conditions.     

Whether your case resolves or goes to trial, our objective at all times is to obtain the best possible result in your case.  If you have been charged with domestic assault call 416-428-2760 now to schedule a free, confidential consultation in our downtown Toronto office.  

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