Toronto Fraud Lawyer

Toronto Fraud Lawyer

What is Fraud?

In simple terms, a person commits fraud when using deceit or some fraudulent means to defraud the public of money, property, service or valuable security. Common examples of fraud are Ponzi schemes, selling counterfeit concert tickets, making false claims as to the features of a product, and providing professional advice that is known to be wrong or misleading.

Of course, fraud can take many other forms. However, what they all have in common is the objective to profit from some else’s trust using dishonest tactics. Even if no wealth or property is attained, the fact that there was an attempt can still result in a charge of fraud. Depending on the value of the fraud, a prison sentence could reach 14 years.

How do I beat a fraud charge?

To be convicted of fraud requires proof that the accused knowingly did something wrong (for example, charging for a service that was never provided) that would result in some kind of loss for someone else. In many cases, investigations into fraud start off with select individuals being interviewed. Depending on the environment, these interviews may be conducted by company staff, an outside organization (like an accounting firm), or the police.

Just because you are being asked to be interviewed does not mean you are guilty of fraud. However, what you say could make the things difficult for you. Do not let yourself be interviewed by anyone in these situations without having contacted Michael Juskey first. He will inform you of your rights and assist you during the investigative process.

  • Every case is unique and your defence will depend on the circumstances of your case. If your version events suggests that you were not aware that your actions were dishonest or fraudulent, you may have defence at trial. It is important to note that recklessness or wilful blindness will not shield you from criminal liability in a fraud case.
  • The crown attorney must prove the identity of the accused person beyond a reasonable doubt. This means they must prove it was you that perpetrated the crime. If you were the victim of identity fraud or someone else was responsible for the crime then you should call Michael immediately. He will learn the facts, negotiate with the crown attorney to seek a withdrawal of the charges or defend you at your trial.
  • If you are under investigation for fraud or you are facing fraud charges you should call Michael immediately. Michael will advise you as to the best strategy in your case, act as your guide throughout the criminal court process and fight for the best possible result.


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