What is a Crown Pre-Trial?

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The Crown Pre-Trial, or “CPT”, is an extremely important stage of a criminal case.  The CPT is a meeting between your lawyer and the crown attorney with the purpose of discussing your case and any issues that may arise.  As each case is different, there may be a single meeting or there may be several meetings lasting several weeks or months depending on the issues at hand.  From the perspective of a criminal lawyer, the purpose of a CPT is to essentially humanize the client, point out weaknesses in the crown’s case and negotiate the best possible result in the case.  The objective is simple: to avoid or minimize any jail time, to avoid a criminal record, and if possible, to secure a withdrawal of the charges against you. Crown attorneys have a duty and obligation to withdraw criminal charges where there is no reasonable prospect of conviction, and/or, it is not in the public interest to proceed.  Some of the issues that are commonly discussed during the Crown Pre-Trial include:

There is no exception to having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side if you are facing criminal charges.  The criminal courts can be intimidating. Navigating the criminal justice system can be daunting for a self-represented individual.  Michael P. Juskey provides skilled representation and high quality advocacy to each and every client. The firm prides itself on exceptional service, professionalism and results and will listen to the facts, protect your rights and give your case the time and attention it deserves.  

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