What is a Judicial Pre-Trial?

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If a case cannot be resolved between your lawyer and the crown attorney, a Judicial Pre-Trial (“JPT”) may be required.  A Judicial Pre-Trial is a meeting between your lawyer, the crown attorney and a judge. Many of the same issues that are covered in the CPT are discussed at this phase.  The judges are at the top of the food chain in our criminal justice system and many have tried hundreds of criminal cases. Judges bring experience and wisdom to the negotiation table and this can be extremely effective in resolving disagreements between the crown attorney and defence.  Judicial Pre-Trials take place in the judge’s chambers outside of the courtroom and clients are not permitted to attend. If you are self-represented, your JPT will be conducted in open court.

JPTs allow counsel to narrow the issues in the case and explore possible resolutions.  If a crown attorney is being unreasonable in pursuing a particular resolution, a JPT may be useful in convincing him/her to agree with the defence, or at the very least, to temper the crown’s position.  It is important to note that if your lawyer conducts a JPT, the judge involved will be disqualified from presiding at your trial or preliminary inquiry (as they may be privy to the facts surrounding your case).  If your case cannot be resolved following a Judicial Pre-Trial, we move on to the Trial phase of the criminal justice system.

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