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Charged with Domestic Assault?

If you have been charged with domestic assault there is no substitute to hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer to handle your case.  Our firm has successfully defended hundreds of domestic violence cases.  Some of the charges we defend include:  assault, criminal harassment, assault causing bodily harm, assault with weapon and aggravated assault.  These offences are serious and it is not uncommon for crown attorneys to seek jail time and criminal convictions in such matters. 

If you have been charged with domestic assault and released from custody you will likely have stringent conditions imposed upon you.  These conditions may have the effect of turning your life upside as you will not be allowed to contact your spouse.  You will also be forbidden from attending his/her address.  It is imperative that you obey these conditions as an allegation of failing to comply can result in a bail hearing and further charges against you.  The Law Office of Michael P. Juskey can assist you in negotiating the relaxation of these strict bail conditions.     

Whether your case resolves or goes to trial, our objective at all times is to obtain the best possible result in your case.  If you have been charged with domestic assault call 416-428-2760 now to schedule a free, confidential consultation in our downtown Toronto office.  

Michael was very professional and gave a sense of hope in a time where I most desperately needed it.  Right after meeting him, I had a calming sense of reassurance come over me because he was intelligent and genuinely seemed to have my best interest at heart.  After a short trial and a very reasonable cost, all charges were withdrawn. I wouldn’t recommend ever getting in trouble with the law, but it is good to know lawyers like Michael exist for those unexpected circumstances.
– S.B.

The Law Office of Michael P. Juskey has a successful track record of winning criminal cases.  We have successfully defended hundreds of individuals who have been charged with domestic assault.  The firm provides all clients with exceptional service, professionalism and results.

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