Toronto Domestic Assault Lawyer

Toronto Domestic Assault Lawyer

Michael P. Juskey is a Toronto Domestic Assault Lawyer with extensive experience defending these types of allegations.  Domestic assault charges most commonly arise from disputes between family members as well as those in intimate relationships. One party may call 911, the police will attend the residence, and in most cases somebody will be arrested. In many cases the party facing domestic assault charges will be held in custody for a bail hearing the next day. The arrested party will also be prohibited from communicating with the complainant and, among other conditions, not allowed to attend the family residence. Domestic assault cases are often very serious situations with extremely difficult consequences.

Police officers and Crown Attorneys pursue domestic assault charges with a particular level of severity given the unique family issues that are usually at play in these situations. These cases are usually heard in designated domestic assault courtrooms where you will find specialized Crown Attorneys with the dedicated resources to prosecute domestic crimes. If you are facing criminal charges contact Toronto domestic assault lawyer Michael P. Juskey for dependable advice and a strong defence of all domestic allegations:

A domestic assault charge can turn your life upside down. It is imperative that you retain a criminal defence lawyer to protect your constitutional rights and ensure the best possible result. Whether it’s a bail hearing, trial or early resolution, Toronto domestic assault lawyer Michael P. Juskey will work with you closely to achieve the results you desire. If you or a friend are looking for a domestic assault lawyer in Toronto with extensive experience defending criminal charges, call now for a free initial consultation.



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