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Kidnapping is a very serious criminal offence that deals with an accused person taking their victim(s) from one place to another without their consent.  It is a particularly serious offence given the victim’s liberty interests and is often laid in conjunction with other violent offences.  The Criminal Code of Canada sets out the offence in section 279(1):

279. (1) Every person commits an offence who kidnaps a person with intent
(a) to cause the person to be confined or imprisoned against the person’s will;
(b) to cause the person to be unlawfully sent or transported out of Canada against the person’s will; or
(c) to hold the person for ransom or to service against the person’s will.

The crown attorney must prove that the accused person took or moved a person from one place to another without their consent and without lawful authority.  Kidnapping is a specific intent offence so the crown must also prove beyond a reasonable doubt that that accused person intended to do one or more of the things listed in subsections (a) to (c).

What is the Punishment for Kidnapping?

Kidnapping is a straight indictable offence and contains several mandatory minimum sentences.  The sentences prescribed differ based on the circumstances.  If a firearm is used and the accused is acting at for the benefit of a criminal organization the maximum penalty is life in prison.  The minimum sentence in these circumstances is 5 years for a first offence, and 7 years for a subsequent offence.

Otherwise, if a firearm is used in the commission of a kidnapping offence the maximum punishment is life in prison.  The mandatory minimum sentence in this circumstance is four years in a penitentiary.

If the victim in a kidnapping case is under the age of 16 and the accused is a parent or guardian, the mandatory minimum sentence is five years in prison (with a maximum sentence of life in prison).

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