covid-19 ontario court of justice adjournment dates

COVID-19 Ontario Court of Justice Adjournment Dates

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Province of Ontario has extended the Declaration of Emergency until June 19, 2020.  In light of the uncertainty about the duration of the state of emergency in Ontario, the Ontario Court of Justice will continue to operate on a reduced schedule.  For details about the Court’s operations in criminal, family and Provincial Offences Act matters, click here.

The Ontario Court of Justice Court is working closely with its justice partners, including the Ministry of the Attorney General, to expand the range of matters it adjudicates, and to adopt technology that will increase participants’ ability to access courthouse services using remote means. The Court is also working with justice partners to plan for the eventual resumption of in-person attendances in a way that protects the health and safety of all participants.

Given the continued recommendations by public health authorities for everyone to stay home as much as possible and to maintain a safe distance from others, people are strongly discouraged from attending any courthouse. All proceedings will be held by audioconference or videoconference unless otherwise directed.

Do not come into a courthouse if you have been advised by public health officials, your doctor, or the Ontario Ministry of Health website to self-isolate.

COVID-19 Ontario Court of Justice Adjournment Dates (Out-of-custody Accused)

Unless your appearance is in one of the case management courts listed here, your next appearance in the Ontario Court of Justice (criminal) will be as follows:

If your matter is scheduled for…. Your matter is adjourned to …
Initial adjournment date New adjournment date
Monday March 16 Monday May 25* Monday August 10**
Tuesday March 17 Tuesday May 26* Tuesday August 4
Wednesday March 18 Wednesday May 27* Wednesday August 5
Thursday March 19 Thursday May 28* Thursday August 6
Friday March 20 Friday May 29* Friday August 7
Monday March 23 Monday June 1* Monday August 10
Tuesday March 24 Tuesday June 2* Tuesday August 11
Wednesday March 25 Wednesday June 3* Wednesday August 12
Thursday March 26 Thursday June 4* Thursday August 13
Friday March 27 Friday June 5* Friday August 14
Monday March 30 Monday June 8* Monday August 17
Tuesday March 31 Tuesday June 9* Tuesday August 18
Wednesday April 1 Wednesday June 10* Wednesday August 19
Thursday April 2 Thursday June 11* Thursday August 20
Friday April 3 Friday June 12* Friday August 21
Monday April 6 Monday June 15* Monday August 24
Tuesday April 7 Tuesday June 16* Tuesday August 25
Wednesday April 8 Wednesday June 17* Wednesday August 26
Thursday April 9 Thursday June 18* Thursday August 27
Tuesday April 14 Tuesday June 23* Tuesday September 1
Wednesday April 15 Wednesday June 24* Wednesday September 2
Thursday April 16 Thursday June 25* Thursday September 3
Friday April 17 Friday June 26* Friday September 4
Monday April 20 Monday June 29* Monday September 14***
Tuesday April 21 Tuesday June 30* Tuesday September 8
Wednesday April 22 Monday June 22* Wednesday September 9
Thursday April 23 Thursday July 2* Thursday September 10
Friday April 24 Friday July 3* Friday September 11
Monday April 27 Monday July 6
Tuesday April 28 Tuesday July 7
Wednesday April 29 Wednesday July 8
Thursday April 30 Thursday July 9
Friday May 1 Friday July 10
Monday May 4 Monday July 13
Tuesday May 5 Tuesday July 14
Wednesday May 6 Wednesday July 15
Thursday May 7 Thursday July 16
Friday May 8 Friday July 17
Monday May 11 Monday July 20
Tuesday May 12 Tuesday July 21
Wednesday May 13 Wednesday July 22
Thursday May 14 Thursday July 23
Friday May 15 Friday July 24
Tuesday May 19 Tuesday July 28
Wednesday May 20 Wednesday July 29
Thursday May 21 Thursday July 30
Friday May 22 Friday July 31
Monday May 25 Monday August 10**
Tuesday May 26 Tuesday August 4
Wednesday May 27 Wednesday August 5
Thursday May 28 Thursday August 6
Friday May 29 Friday August 7
Monday June 1 Monday August 10
Tuesday June 2 Tuesday August 11
Wednesday June 3 Wednesday August 12
Thursday June 4 Thursday August 13
Friday June 5 Friday August 14
Monday June 8 Monday August 17
Tuesday June 9 Tuesday August 18
Wednesday June 10 Wednesday August 19
Thursday June 11 Thursday August 20
Friday June 12 Friday August 21
Monday June 15 Monday August 24
Tuesday June 16 Tuesday August 25
Wednesday June 17 Wednesday August 26
Thursday June 18 Thursday August 27
Friday June 19 Friday August 28
Monday June 22 Monday August 31
Tuesday June 23 Tuesday September 1
Wednesday June 24 Wednesday September 2
Thursday June 25 Thursday September 3
Friday June 26 Friday September 4
Monday June 29 Monday September 14***
Tuesday June 30 Tuesday September 8
Thursday July 2 Thursday September 10
Friday July 3 Friday September 11

* These dates will be adjourned twice, as they were originally adjourned to a date in May or June.

** This adjournment date is different because August 3 is a statutory holiday.

*** This adjournment date is different because September 7 is a statutory holiday.

If you have a question about how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your criminal case call 416-428-2760.  Mike Juskey is here to fight for you.  Call our office now to schedule a free, confidential consultation in our downtown Toronto office.

covid-19 ontario court of justice adjournment dates

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