What is Disclosure in a Criminal Case?

Disclosure is the package which contains the Crown’s evidence against you.  Initial disclosure is typically provided to an accused person during their first court appearance.  It may consist of a record of arrest, video footage, synopsis of the allegations, police notes and witness statements.  In Canada you have the constitutional right to make a full answer and defence to any criminal or quasi-criminal allegations made against you – this means the prosecution must provide you with a copy of each and every piece of evidence that it intends to use against you to prove its case (see Stinchcombe).  It is crucial that you provide your lawyer with every page of disclosure that has been given to you in court, in addition to any other paperwork provided by the police.      

If you have received your disclosure and you are unsure what will happen next, call (416)-428-2760 to schedule a free consultation with a criminal defence lawyer.  

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