How will a criminal record affect me?

Unless you obtain a record suspension, a criminal conviction will follow you around for the rest of your life.  Among other things, a prior criminal record can be used to attack your credibility in a subsequent court proceeding.  Please see below for a non-exhaustive list of the common detrimental effects of a criminal conviction:

– Potential loss of liberty, meaning jail time and/or restrictive probationary conditions;
– Fines;
– Adverse effect on your future earning potential;
– Reduced employability;
– Difficulty travelling outside of Canada;
– Potential immigration problems;
– Social stigma, anxiety, depression – you will be branded as a “criminal”;
– Driving prohibitions;
– Firearms prohibitions;
– Forfeiture of property to the Crown;
– You may have to provide a sample of your DNA to the police;

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